When we are in stock, we take payment for orders immediately and ship on the very next working day.  Our secure checkout system automates this process for us and will keep your payment details secure, providing us only with your shipping details.


With new products and preorders, we have in the past taken payment just before we've been ready to ship.  This was the case for our very first batch of Laserlights when we shipped directly from the assembly line to each front door and will be the case for new products on preorder in the future.  If we are using this arrangement for preorders, then this will be made clear at the checkout and additional alerts will be sent prior to charging individual accounts.

Crowd funding

Kickstarter made it possible for the Laserlight's working prototype to evolve into the product that it is today.  782 backers between them pledged £55,000 and joined us for a one year process of making the function and the form better from every angle.  

On crowd-funding platforms, payment is taken only if and when a project becomes fully funded.  With products, this happens regardless of when a product is likely to ship.  Indeed, such sites are not intended to be used as shopping sites, but instead rewards are offered in a recognition of support.  

For example, the Laserlight's pledge period on Kickstarter officially closed on 23 December 2012 with 220% funding, and the payments were taken around that time too.  The funds were then used as intended for an intense period of product development, with many of our backers providing feedback, suggestions and insight throughout.